From the Ground Up

The Community Control of Land, Housing, and the Economy

What is the cooperative movement’s vision for our economy? How can we reclaim land and homes from market speculation? Can that reclaimed land form the basis of a new economy beyond capitalism, one based on our human and ecological needs? 

Free Public Transportation

In May, we initiated a new committee on public transportation. Read more here.

Conference: April 12-14 2019, Montreal 

Community movements in neighborhoods across Montreal are expanding their ambitions to include the advancement of housing justice and a solidarity economy. Last year was the 50th anniversary of the Milton-Parc Citizens’ Committee (MPCC) and the 30th anniversary of the Communauté Milton Parc (CMP). The CMP is a ‘land trust’, a legal form of community ownership which prevents market speculation and is managed democratically. The CMP has cooperative housing with 1500 tenants plus 10 commercial properties. It is the highest concentration of coops in all of Canada, and is currently worth $200 million in community controlled assets.

We, From The Ground Up, are inspired by the CMP story, and would like to empower Montrealers with the tools and narratives to move forward on these issues. So, we are proud to invite you to an international conference that will gather guest speakers from across North America, hosting a series of 20 workshops, and will include additional community building activities.

Check out the archived conference pages.

We initiated our movement on November 3rd, when as a group of young volunteers conscience of the housing challenges Montreal is facing, we organized a very successful one day “From the Ground Up // À Nous Les Quartiers” conference, that focused on the community control of land, housing, and economy. The conference lit a spark among the approximately 150 participants who came from all over Montreal.

In the lead up to the conference we organized a series of preparatory popular education workshops: 

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This conference is organised with support from or in collaboration with the Milton Parc Citizens’ Committee (CCMP-MPCC), la Génératrice—Forum jeunesse de l’Île de Montréal, la Société de Développement Communautaire Milton Parc, the Milton Parc Community (CMP), the Milton Parc Recreation Association (ARMP), the Canadian Centre of Architecture (CCA), Phyllis Lambert, Bâtiment 7, the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada), CHF BC, BC CLT, Brique par Brique, Vivacité, Wabi Sabi Planning, la Société d’habitation populaire de l’Est de Montréal (SHAPEM), Inter-loge, the Solidarity Economy Incubation Zone (SEIZE), John Davis and Burlington Associates in Community Development, Cooperation Jackson, Habitat International Coalition (HIC), the Global Platform on the Right to the City, Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT), Parkdale People’s Economy Project, QPIRG McGill, QPIRG Concordia, Black Rose Books, Concordia Urban Planning Students’ Association (UPA), Geography Department of Concordia University, le Centre de recherche sur les innovations sociales (CRISES-UQAM), the Collectif de recherche et d’action sur l’habitat (CRACH), the Groupe de réflexion en droit privé (GRDP), the Montreal Intentional Communities Day, the Institute of Urban Futures, the Co-Habitat Network, and Food Justice and Sustainability at Dawson College.

From the Ground Up warmly thank Taking ITGlobal, a financial aid support program from Rising Youth, for their financial support which allowed to organize this event